Healthy Eating


We have a duty of care

Some of our residents attend Slimming World on Wednesdays.  Slimming World provides creative recipes that work alongside our own healthy eating policy. The weekly activity also helps our service users meet new people from other care homes.

It is important to engage our residents and help them make healthy choices. Assisting with the preparation of meals helps, but meeting people from other care homes at Slimming World has had the most positive impact.

Airthrie Homes healthy eating policy extends to our Supported Living.

At Airthrie Homes we have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure our residents have access to nutritious food and drink. Food is fundamental to quality of life and is essential to good care, health and well-being in our homes. We aim to improve healthy eating in our homes through education and outside help from organisations like Slimming World. Equally, we have a duty to fulfill the wishes of our residents and respect their choices. This is an on-going challenge with people with learning difficulties.

We consider and record the followinghealthy eating Airthrie Homes

  • Ethnic cultural and faith in menus
  • Nutritionally balanced for dietary and health needs
  • Vegetarian, low fat or high protein is recorded in personal plans
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