Joyce’s Arts and Crafts


Expression through art

Art is another form of communication, a way of expressing emotions and opinions. Expressive art can help with feelings of isolation and frustration built up by non-verbal communication. At Airthrie Homes for adults with learning difficulties, we have learnt that without channelled outlets stress and behavioural issues usually follows.

We have come to recognise the benefits associated with arts and crafts and how  therapeutic it can be for people with learning difficulties.

Joyce Liddel (Resident)

Joyce has really embraced arts and crafts at Airthrie Homes and as you can see is also talented. Jane is a resident that has made Aithrie her home and the staff her second family. The art Joyce creates is personal to her and shows a love of vibrant colours and animals.

Uniting Friends together with Redbridge and Waltham Forest Learning Disability Teams present artwork created by artists with a learning disability titled ‘Love is…’ at Tate Modern. Joyce and other residents from Airthrie Homes went to the show.

We intend to introduce more arts such as music and dance.

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