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Here at Airthrie we provide a range of services:

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Residential Care

Residential Care is long term accommodation with personalised care, Residents will be cared for 24/7 all year round and will have support with health care, activities and day to day tasks. Here at Airthrie “JL” has lived residentially for over 20 years, staff work well with them to ensure they have everything they need to live a happy and healthy life.



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Supported Living

Supported living can either be short term accommodation aiming to move users on within 2/3 years or can be long term accommodation, both allow the service user to live as a tenant. Service users will learn to live independently and an emphasis is made on promoting social inclusion and integration. Here at Airthrie “SA” has been in supported living since June 2016 and has made many improvements, they are attending college regularly, volunteer with a charity shop and regularly attend activities                                                           and clubs


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Respite Services

Support for carers is available in either short term, long term, planned or emergency cases. Short, long and planned is available for when a carer feels they may need a break, our trusted staff are able to look after loved ones allowing carers to return refreshed and rejuvenated. Respite is not only needed for when a carer may feel they need a break but if they become ill or need to go into hospital, our emergency respite carers can assist whilst you recuperate.


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Home Care

Home care allows our carers to visit users in the comfort of their own home, this allows users to stay in contact with their local community and with friends and family, our carers will provide support with finances and support users in maintaining their current skills and hobbies, within our home care we give you the chance to socialise with other home care clients to avoid isolation. We take people from the council and private self referrals


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Minibus Care

We offer care homes and local authorities the chance to hire our minibus if we have the availability. Our driver is DBS checked, safe, effective and has good time keeping.


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