Airthrie News – September/October 2019



In September residents enjoyed a week at Bognar Regis Butlins, They took part in many of Butlins sports & activities including Swimming, Go-karting, Art and watching live entertainment. Residents enjoyed the holiday and would love to go again.

Person Centred Care

Person centred care is the concept of health and care professionals working with and involving the individual who is receiving a service so that the care can be tailored to them, it also ensures that the individual is given dignity, respect and compassion. Here at Airthrie we ensure that we follow this concept when working with our residents and we ensure that we listen to our residents opinions and views on how they would like their care provided and then put that into action.

Social Care Funding

Although the care sector is still holding out for the long awaited Social care green paper there is some good news as the Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid has announced that councils will have access to new funding of 1.5bn for social care next year, people have welcomed this funding and are hoping that it will reach services that need it however many agree that the funding still does not go far enough.

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