Airthrie News – November/December 2019


Happy Holidays

We at Airthrie Homes would like to wish all our Tenants, their family & friends and our purchasers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Our tenants have been getting into the Christmas spirit and have decorated their home, they have also enjoyed a Christmas meal and party earlier this month. We are looking forward to 2020 and will continue to update you on Airthrie & Care sector news.

Supported living update

We have been going through the process of transitioning to Supported living since late 2018 and would like to confirm that we are now registered as Supported living. Our office will be moved early 2020 and we are currently in the process of finalising tenancy agreements and other documentation.

Training and Development

Here at Airthrie we believe that training and development is important for everyone, we ensure that our staff receive training sessions regularly on the roles they will be carrying out and the regulation important to them and their role, we also encourage tenants to attend college or to look for work to help them develop skills which can be useful in their everyday lives.

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