Airthrie News – May/June 2021



Meaningful activities are defined by the National institute for health and care excellence (NICE) as “any physical, social and leisure activities that are tailored to the person’s needs and preferences” and recent CQC findings have identified that many organisations are not providing suitable activities for their service users. At Airthrie homes we believe in listening to our service user’s views on what activities they enjoy and then acting on this, we encourage our service users to take part in activities that are meaningful, this could include daily living tasks such as washing, hoovering & cooking or activities such as day trips, sports & art.

Covid-19 – Easing of lockdown

The UK government have delayed the lifting of lockdown restrictions for at least another four weeks however there is some good news as recent vaccination records have shown that 30.4 million (45.7%) of people in the UK have been fully vaccinated. We are hoping this easing of lockdown will give a chance for our service users to go back to visiting their favourite places – such as cinemas, theatres and bowling

Airthrie Update

May & June have been busy for us here at Airthrie Homes. We have welcomed a new service user and they have settled in well, we’ve also been busy preparing for the easing of lockdown, last week our service users enjoyed a day trip to Southend and we’ve also been planning more activities both internal and external.  Our service users & staff have also been working on Multi-me and have made excellent use of the software with the help from staff at Rix

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