Airthrie News – May/June 2019


Animal Therapy

Animal Therapy has been used in Care homes and has been shown to help people improve on issues such as mobility, social isolation, self esteem etc. One recent study by the University of Exeter looked at the effects of using robotic animals during therapy sessions, this study showed that the robotic pets offered the same benefits of live animal therapy with those residents who chose to interact with the robotic pets showing increased social interaction between residents, family members and staff, there was a reduction in blood pressure and improvements to social and psychological functioning for people with dementia and a reduction in stress and anxiety. The main benefits of using robotic pets is that they can pose a lower risk of harm to residents and as they are becoming more affordable are always available when it may not be possible for live animals to visit a care home.


At Airthrie we believe that feedback is integral in helping us maintain a high standard of care & support and to help us improve. We encourage our residents to give us any complaints or compliments in their resident meetings and we also have forms available for visitors to write their own complaints or compliments. We also send out quarterly surveys to residents family to help us gain feedback on how Airthrie is doing.


Here at Airthrie we are happy to finally be enjoying summer, our residents are equally as excited as they recently watched a show called Summer Holiday performed by SG Productions which helped them get into the summer spirit. We are hoping the weather brightens up as most of June was dreary and our residents are looking forward to spending time in the sun whilst taking part in their daily activities.

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