Airthrie News – July/August 2021


Covid-19 Update

In July the government relaxed many of the Coronavirus restrictions to help the UK get back to normal as quickly and safely as possible, in connection with this we have seen a reduction in cases and now over 60% of the UK population is fully vaccinated.

The easing of lockdown also means our service users have been able to go out and take part in more external activities, our service users have been to the cinema, to the park and on day trips out on the minibus and to the seaside.

Technology in Care

Care homes in the Isle of Wight and Hampshire have been trialing some new technology known as “Cobots” These computer controlled robots are worn around the waist and lower back by carers to help them to lift, hold and move people without extra assistance. These cobots aim to lessen the risk of injury and fatigue among carers as well as reducing the need for two carers to work together.

The social care digital innovation accelerators also worked on multiple applications & schemes during the pandemic to help adapt to the challenges brought on by Covid-19. This included using everyday technology such as tablets and voice activated speakers to allow people to stay connected with their family/friends and included apps which helped lessen the strain on the NHS by coordinating health, care and transport for when a patient leaves hospital.

At Airthrie we have been piloting Multi-me in partnership with Rix and Redbridge. This software has been a big help in assisting our service users with outlining their goals and targets and posting about their daily activities.

It’s interesting to see how advancements in technology can lead the care sector into new and increasingly innovative ideas.


Feedback is an important part of what helps a company improve and we would like to say Thank you to everyone who has been completing our quarterly family surveys as it provides us with valuable feedback on our Airthrie is performing. If you are a family member of one of our service users and have not been receiving our survey, please leave your details at Airthrie Homes – Survey Details and we can send one over.

We would also like to remind Family members, friends and professionals about our complaints, compliments, and suggestions procedures. This type of feedback can be left on the following online form: Airthrie Homes – Suggestions, Compliments & Complaints or can be left when visiting the home on one of the provided forms, these can be found in the boxes at the front of the house.

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