Airthrie News – January/February 2020



Welcome to our first Articles of the year and of a new decade, We have many things planned over the year and would like to share some of these with you but first we would like to update you on how our first two months of the year have been:

As mentioned in our last articles we are now registered as Supported living and have adapted our service to ensure tenants are getting the support they need to improve on their daily living skills to help development. In relation to the Supported living change we also moved to a new Office at the start of February, The new address is:

Jhumat House, 160 London Road, Barking, IG11 8BB.

Tenants have had a great start to the New year and have already adapted to the new service, Tenants have been more involved in the preparation of their meals, chores around the house and other tasks. Tenants are also looking forward to taking part in some new activities this year including Evening music classes, Discos in house & DVD nights.


In relation to the current Coronavirus situation in the UK, we would like to update you on how Airthrie has responded. We have been following the Government’s guidance by ensuring that hand washing facilities are available, displaying posters to help encourage & educate tenants/staff on good hygiene and by speaking with tenants during their meetings about hand washing, cleanliness and other factors which can reduce the risk. We will continue to update you through our articles or social media if there any changes.

CQC Standards

The fundamental standards are described by CQC as “standards below which your care must never fall” and are important for any organisation in the care industry to follow. The fundamental standards are made up of thirteen different aspects of care and overall outline how an organisation should run.

This year we would like to go through all thirteen standards bit by bit and talk about what the standard is and how we apply it at Airthrie. The first three standards we would like to talk about are; Person-centred care, Dignity and respect and Consent.

Person-centred care was established as Regulation 9 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulation 2014 and outlines that an individual is entitled to have care or treatment that is personalised specifically for them which is based on their needs and preferences and done in partnership with the individual. Here at Airthrie we always ensured that our tenants receive individual care and supported tailored to them and now under supported living tenants have even more freedom to decide how they want to receive their support, in what areas and to what degree.

Dignity and respect was established as Regulation 10 of the Act/regulation mentioned above and outlines that an individual when receiving care and support is entitled to dignity and respect, this includes making sure an individual has privacy, equal treatment, independence and opportunities to participate in their local communities. Here at Airthrie we ensure that tenants are given the correct level of support they need to help them to be as independent as possible and maintain their own privacy.

The need for consent was established as Regulation 11 of the act/regulation previously mentioned and outlines that an individual or those lawfully acting on their behalf should give consent before they receive any care or treatment. Here at Airthrie we ensure that consent is granted before any care or treatment is delivered, this is done in simple ways such as knocking on an individuals door and waiting for an answer before entering or in other ways like involving tenants in their care plan reviews and listening to their feedback.

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